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Two year Punishment for pornography in mobile phones

Two-year Punishment for pornography in mobile phones

Uganda has set up a special department for the revolt of society in Uganda, whose responsibility is to stop the spread of porn movies.
Compare: (Web Desk) Uganda has set up a special institution for preventing pornography from African countries, whose work is to stop their spread. As many as dozens of people have been recruited in this new department of the Pornography Control Commission. This department will showcase movies and people spreading porn from the internet.

According to foreign media, any of the pornography in mobile phones in Uganda will now be caught in porn movies. A special software has been created for testing the citizens’ mobile phones. If porn movies are exported to someone’s mobile, then the place will be prisons and it can be punished for 2 years.

Uganda‘s moral morality Saman Lukodo said the objectives of the new department, saying that the purpose of this move is to try to eliminate the rising unrest in society because there is a big reason for crime in society. It is believed that Uganda is an important country in Africa, mostly of Christians

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