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Explore topics International Data Corporation‬ ‪Apple Inc ‪Android‬‬

Explore topics International Data Corporation‬ ‪Apple Inc ‪Android‬‬

Lenovo beat Samsung to capture the top attitude inch the tablet market in India with 21.8 percent market share in the second quarter of 2017, a report said. According to the report by research business firm International Data bay window (IDC), the company’s tablet shipments marked an overall growth of 12.6 percent, chiefly added by its healthy development in the commercial segment.


Over 80 percent of its shipments were driven by specific commercial projects birthed to authorities, breeding and big enterprises. “Digital projects across government and education sectors are the key driving verticals for the growth of the commercial sector,” said Celso Gomes, Associate commercialize psychoanalyst, Client Devices, IDC India, in a statement.

IDC observes the calendar year as the financial year in its accounts. Samsung dislocated to the second place but maintained the shipments volume of the previous after part with a commercialize share of 20.6 percent. The report said that a total of 7,22,000 tablets across all brands were shipped in the country in the quarter, branding a marginal development of 2.9 percent from the previous quarter, despite the healthy growth in the commercial segment.

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